What are Clinical Trials?

A clinical trial is a medical regimen developed and run in conjunction by pharmaceutical and bio-technological companies, qualified medical research physicians, Independent Review Board (patient safety and advocate board), and study patients. Study patients volunteer to receive novel medical treatments for their medical condition through the carefully designed medical regimen of the clinical trial. All trials are developed and run under Federal Drug Administration codes and international safety guidelines (ICH and GCP guidelines). This process brings new therapies to the general public.

Who is eligible to participate?

Patient eligibility can only be determined on site after an interview and complete evaluation by our physicians and clinical research professionals. Please call our phone number at 770-305-6464 or 770-305-6466 or contact us to schedule a preliminary evaluation today.

What does study related health care include?

All study related medical procedures and treatments are provided to patients throughout the patients’ participation. Patients are carefully observed and followed for their safety. Contact information is given to all participants so that they may reach the medical research staff 24 hours a day with questions or concerns.


How much does study participation cost?

Study fees are covered by the pharmaceutical company also known as sponsor. They sometimes provide transportation or individual stipends to reimburse participants for medical related expenses, travel or food.

What if I want to withdraw from the study?

Patients’ participation in Clinical Trials is voluntary. Patient may withdraw from study participation at any time.

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